Helpful Links

Below are a few links that we hope you will find useful. Each link will open in a new window.

SREB - Southern Regional Education Board

Ohio Regions HSTW

Ohio Department of Education (ODE) - HSTW

Ohio School Board Association


Career Development (Advisor/Advisee Information)

MMGW Websites

  • National High Schools That Work
    -Look at Middle Grades initiatives
  • Ohio Middle School Association
    -Good resource for identifying possible sites to visit in Ohio
  • National Middle School Association
    -Very good resource for what is happening at the national level
  • Middle Web
    -Great site for exploring middle school reform, full of resources.
  • Middle Start
    -Comprehensive school reform model sponsored by the Kelloge Foundation (
  • Kid Source
    -Good source of information for helping middle school students make the transition to high school
  • National Forum to Accelerate Middle Grades
    -Great resource, look at the "Schools to Watch" and "Links to related sites" under tools & resources

Southwest County Educational Service Centers